Rider Biomechanical Analysis, Correction & Retraining
Technical Development for Dressage & Equestrian Development Programs
Specialized intensive consultations provide a rider with the same analysis, correction and retraining program designed for the international level dancer in Soviet ballet training, but adapted for international and Olympic level equestrian development. This program includes:
  • Analysis of flexibility and alignment, accomplished by comparison of the rider's spine and extremity mechanics to the ideal classical ballet model.
  • Introduction of corrective work to increase the functional joint range of motion of the spine and extremities to enhance the riders capacity to achieve the classical ballet alignment objective.  
  • Integration of classical ballet based alignment into riding specific skills that include posting, halt/half halt, turn mechanics, spiral seat and lateral movements, providing a kinesthetic awareness of muscle control and coordination in a static environment. 
  • The provision stretch, flexibility exercises and guidelines to assist the rider with the incorporation of this work into their overall development program..

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Hundreds riders from beginner through FEI level have experienced the results of this specialized program, many demonstrating technical progress in one or two sessions, not achievable in a decade or more of conventional training.

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