Sports Medicine & Science Institute programs are now accredited by the International Dance Council (UNESCO).  Learn more about specialized dance, sports and Olympic development programs developed by Stephen M. Apatow:

  • International Dancescience Development Program: Classical Ballet Based Biomechanical Analysis, Correct and Retraining.
  • Humanitarian University Consortium Leadership: Humanitarian Resource Institute (UN:NGO:DESA) Humanitarian University Consortium Graduate Studies
    Center for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine & Law.
  • United Nations Arts InitiativeConnecting the global arts and entertainment industry, reaching the household level in 193 UN member countries, promoting youth leadership and community development through Arts Integration Into Education to impact prioritized humanitarian emergencies and relief operations across the globe.

Armed Forces Development Programs
Sharpening the Tactical Athlete

Armed Forces Development Programs
: News, Sports Medicine Advisories, SportScience Information Network Sports Directory.
 JudoSport International: International classical biomechanics based martial arts training for Olympic development programs. Url:

Olympic and Sports Development Programs

SMSI Sportscience Index: Includes information on sports development clinics, coaches information resources, consultations and scholarships.  See also: International Dancescience Development Program.

Equestrian Development Programs

BalletEquestria: Rider & Equine Development Programs, International Dancescience Development Program. Includes articles, information on rider development clinics, consultations and scholarships.

Orthopedic Applications

Scoliosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Friedreich Ataxia, Multiple Sclerosis and veterinary applications (See: Expanding Human to Veterinary Biomechanics Applications).

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Founder, Director of Research and Development
Sports Medicine & Science Institute

Phone: (203) 668-0282


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