Rheumatoid Arthritis
Secondary mechanical patterns and joint level restrictions causing spinal and/or extremity stress have been our focus in work with arthritic conditions.    Analysis and corrective work to increase the elasticity of structures associated with an articular restriction combined with the correction of postural alignment patterns that contribute to the mechanism of joint stress have resulted in immediate positive progressive changes. 

Our most dramatic cases involving clients with acute rheumatoid arthritic conditions has been associated with the analysis and correction of spinal and extremity restrictions that were associated with a systemic stress pattern that appeared to limit the effectiveness of the drug treatment regimen.  The capacity to decrease the overall systemic stress, in combination with an appropriate the drug treatment regimen, has proved to be a significant factor associated with a clients capacity to enter into state of remission.

Note: All cases involved cross applications of biomechanical analysis, correction and retraining methods that were originally developed to enhance joint range of motion, flexibility and performance of the elite dancer and international athlete. We seek the participation and involvement of the medical community with both the assessment of potential cases that may benefit from our research as well as active participation throughout the course of consultations.

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